Customer loyalty software for B2B companies 

Create an experience your customers won’t forget and move away from a transactional relationship to a long-term prosperous partnership.

How Kademi can help

Kademi gives companies all the tools they need to nurture and develop partnerships that lead to organic and sustainable business growth.


Grow your top-line revenue 

Access tools to segment your customers and target the right incentive and promotion that nurtures them to do more business with you.

Improve the customer experience

Start creating personalized and scalable customer experiences that connect with key decision makers.

Reduce the cost of loyalty

Move away from always on incentives and discounting to a balanced program that adopts monetary incentives and best-in-class digital experiences. 

Digitally transform your business

Give your team an integrated platform that combines incentive management with CRM and marketing tools.

Automate the experience

Kademi's journey automation tool will enable you to automate engagement with your customers in a highly targeted and personalized way.

Goal driven journeys

Nurture business outcomes using goals, for example submitting a lead form, or buying online.  When a goal isn’t achieved, automatically engage a customer to achieve the goal using targeted communications and incentives. 

Personalized experiences 

Journeys can be highly personalized to a customer, sending targeted emails and SMS that nurtures a customer to interact with your business or buy your product.

Scalable and efficient 

Move away from manually nurturing customers to automating at scale, reaching more customers 24/7, locally and around the globe.

Everything together is better

Create a single integrated experience for your customers and partners through a secure partner portal where they can access transactional data, buy from you and get rewarded.


Choose from Kademi's extensive library of modules to build your portal which include online training, eCommerce and rewards.

Highly secure

Ensure your customer data is secure by enabling two factor authentication when they login. 


Create personalized portal experience for each user who logs in showing targeted content and portal features. 

Reward loyalty

Recognize and reward customers in different ways by offering monetary incentives or partner benefits.

Customer tiers

Setup loyalty tiers so you can give back more to customers as they level-up to higher tiers. 

Surprise and delight

Create experiences that delight which could include rewarding a customer 12 months into a partnership. 

Incentivize sales growth

Using kademi you'll be able to implement sales incentive programs that reward customers for buying or selling your product. 

To learn more about incentive management click here.

Create feedback loops

Encourage dialogue with your customers and start collecting feedback so you can make informed decisions on where and how to improve your business.

One click feedback

Drop emoticon feedback into every email you send giving customers the option to provide feedback with a single click.

Survey customers for deeper insights

Create surveys from your Kademi admin console, then fire them off by email and start to learn what your customers think about your services or product.

Discover the complete set of features customers use to set up successful B2B loyalty programs on Kademi.

Partner Portals

Secure portals for your customers to transact with your business.


Train your partners to better understand and sell your products.


Discover customer pain-points with a single click of a button. 


Incentivize customers to refer on qualified sales leads.

Incentives & Rewards

Reward customers for achieving sales targets or buying from you.

Lead management

Tools to automate and manage sales leads and support requests.

Marketing & Promotions 

Setup targeted sales promotions, send emails and create content.


Sell your product online as part of an end to end customer experience.

Dive deeper and learn how B2B loyatly programs can help you

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